Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 8 (B-Week) Share List and Farm News

FARM NEWS:  Sweet Corn is here! We hope you enjoy it because it is very difficult to grow organically, we are one of the only organic CSAs to give their members sweet corn, as far as we know. We want to help you understand about the worms that you will find in some of the corn.

Organic sweet corn is hard to grow because of heavy pest pressure from corn earworms in New York State. That is just a fact of life of organic production, as contrasted with conventional farmers who are spraying highly toxic chemicals on their corn every three days or so. We have heard stories of members not taking our organic corn at the CSA distributions because they are afraid of a few small worms – this makes us sad. We work very hard to bring you super sweet corn for you to enjoy, it is a highlight of our season and we hope it is a highlight of yours.

We wish we could cull through every ear at the farm, but this would mean that we wouldn’t have time to harvest all the crops that we want to send you in your share! If you get corn with a worm or other imperfection, just snap off any affected tips, the rest of the ear is not affected. If the tip of the corn or a strip along the side doesn’t have kernels and instead is just white, that just means that it was not pollinated, not that it was bad. At times, some very small ones get harvested and distributed – we try to take these home and eat them ourselves… but even if it’s just a few mouthfuls, it’s pretty good.

Please know we don’t ever intend for you to receive anything damaged obviously, we spend hundreds of man-hours each week going through the produce, culling, and packaging it so it arrives at your CSA in good shape. However, sometimes our best efforts are thwarted. For example if you get a container of cherry tomatoes with one smushy one in it, same with fruit etc, just wash it out at home and discard anything broken, the good ones will still be fine.

Share items for July 29, Aug 1:

Sweet corn
Beet Root
Cucumbers, white and/or green
Lettuce, 1 head
Swiss Chard, 1 bu
Scallions, 1 bu
Green, gold, and purple string beans
Zucchini or summer squash
Cabbage, 1 head
Potatoes (red gold)

Fruit share: 1 lb sugar plums AND 1 lb apricots AND 1 pint blueberries

Flower share: sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, sparkler flower (cleome), agyranthemum etc.

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market


Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7 (A-Week) Share List and Farm News

This is an A-week with cheese (no meat) shares

FARM NEWS: These weeks are busy ones, with lots of visitors to the farm, including our “Kids Cook” program underway on Thursdays, friends & supporters enjoying the Yoga Dinner this past Saturday, a large group of Girl Scouts from Suffolk County’s camp on Wed. We are moving irrigation pipe 7 days a week, to get water on growing crops and baby ones, just planted for fall harvests! Broccoli, new corn, lettuce, fennel, and more. We appreciate your support and hope you are enjoying the veggies – sending potatoes out this week, those are usually a favorite. Tomatoes are starting to ripen, in a trickle, our Tomatofest is scheduled for Aug 22-23 this year, and of course the CSA will be getting them before then!

Share items for July 23, 26:

New Potatoes, Red Norland variety, 2 lb
Lettuce, 1 large head
Sweet young onions, 1 bu
Mixed zucchini and summer squash
Fennel, 1 bulb
String Beans (green, yellow, or purple ) 
Swiss Chard, 1 bu

Fruit share: Plums and cherries most likely

Flower share: mixed farm flowers

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese share:  Ithaca Milk Scallion Cheddar, AND Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Co.: 1 lb Raw Milk Cheddar. From their website: “A few things make us different: We are owner managed, we source all of our Jersey milk from the farmers directly, and we do not rely on the electrical power grid but produce all of our electricity on site. All of our Grade A Cow Milk products are produced using non-homogenized vat-pasteurized Jersey Milk. Jersey Milk has a distinctly sweeter flavor and is creamier than that of Holstein milk.” 

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 6 (B-Week) Share List

Share items for July 15, 18:

Lettuce, 1 head
Parsley, 1 bu
1 Fennel
Scallions, 1 bu
Endive, 1 head (looks like frisee’ lettuce, you can eat it raw or cook it like escarole, good in soup or stir-fry, and many other ways)
Mixed zucchini and summer squash
Some additional items TBD

Fruit share: 1 quart NYS Cherries AND 1 quart OG NJ Blueberries

Flower share: snapdragons, zinnias, cosmos, bachelor button, sunflowers

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 4 (B-Week) Share List and Farm News

Farm news: Happy pre-4th of July week! We hope you can celebrate with your CSA veggies this week, some good ones for grilling – zucchini, garlic scapes, and beets, lettuce and cukes for your salad. Cookbooks started getting handed out last week, if you have not gotten yours yet, please ask for it (if you are a new member).

Garlic Scapes in the share this week – a perennial favorite – and challenge for the new people – chop them up like scallions and add to the pan for your saute’e.

Fennel – we know – love it or hate it – but I was a hater and now am a lover. So there is hope for you haters! Quarter it lengthwise and roast it in a covered cast iron pan with onions, it will caramelize and be delicious, no licorice flavor. Also you can grate it and cover w shaved parmesan and save yourself $15 at a restaurant. If this has not convinced you, put it in the “SWAP BOX” and grab something else that’s in there, hopefully (Coordinators – please remember to set up Swap boxes!)

On the farm, we continue planting, weeding, harvesting, trying to keep up with Mother Nature.

Share items for July 1, July 4:
Mixed zucchini (green, yellow), 2 lbs
Cucumbers, 2 pieces
Beets, white or red (cook white the same as red, they are great grilled), 1 bu
Scallions, 1 bu
Lettuce, 2 heads!
Garlic scapes, 5
Fennel, 1 lg or 2 medium (depending on locations)
Basil, 3 pieces

Fruit share: 1 qt NYS cherries and 1 Qt organic NJ blueberries picked up straight from the farm

Flower share: 1 bunch mixed flowers, snapdragons, bachelor buttons, Teddy Bear sunflowers

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 3 Share List and Farm News

Thanks everybody for your patience with orientation! Glad to have some new faces and many returning members back with us. See below for the share list and farm news for Week 3 (an A-week).

FARM NEWS: We are excited that even in a year with a long, cold winter and long, cold spring,  we still have early cucumbers, zucchini, and peas to give you. To plant these crops so that they will be ready for some of our first CSA harvests, we watch the weather carefully in the early spring, get into the fields to get the soil ready at the very first moment possible, pre-grow transplants in our heated greenhouse, cover them with row cover (like a bedsheet) that blows away during every spring storm, water them, weed them, and watch over them like little babies. Our farm is really focused on making sure our CSA customers get a nice quantity AND variety of produce, all season long, and we hope you enjoy this week!

Share items for June 24, 27:
head lettuce, 1 head
mixed types of zucchini/summer squash, 2 lb
basil, 1 OR 2 pieces
scallions, 1 bu
Radishes, 1 bu
Garlic scapes Рa perennial favorite! Great chopped, saut̩ed, with a zucchini and a little soy sauce! Or make a pesto
Cucumbers 1 or 2
May Include:
Snow OR Snap Peas 

Fruit share: 2 quarts strawberries

Egg Share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Flower share: 1 bunch lavender

CHEESE SHARE: Goodale Farms cheeses, one of our neighbors in Aquebogue New York

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market