Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Full to Capacity!

Just a quick note to say that the farmer has let us know that as of today, we've generated so many share purchases for 2007 that we won't be able to take any more for the season.

We're very sorry for anyone who wanted to be involved but wasn't yet signed up for the season; and we're very appreciative for the early and strong show of support the Kensington/Windsor Terrace community has shown for this project.

If you did hope to join us this season but hadn't sent your payment in to the farmer, please do drop us a line at If any enrolled members have to back out for the season (moving, etc.), we'll try to connect them with folks who'd like to purchase the unused portion of their share. And we'll save your info and let you know about plans for the next year's CSA season.

Thanks again to everyone for making this happen -- we'll see you June 9th!


Jeff said...

there's a typo in the email address given in the above post. It should read '', not 'ktw...'.

KWT CSAers said...

Thanks, Jeff. Fixed.

cat said...

hi. so if you sent your check in and it got there by the 1st, are you in? even if you haven't gotten confirmation...? Didn't realize there was a finite number of spaces.


great that the response is good.

Anonymous said...

I second cat's question. I am sure there's several "last-minute" folks out there. Is there a rule on who's in and who's not? The deadline was June 1 but is that postmark by June 1 or received by June 1? Or is it the case that even some people whose letter arrived slightly before June 1 may not be in the final list? If there is no clear rule, what is the best way to find out my particular status? Email? Phone call?

Have a great weekend

KWT said...

We've sent out all of the confirmations for checks/forms that were in before the end of last week. There are a batch of signups that we're still processing (first the farmer gets them, then passes the info on to us at the CSA -- there are some that haven't made it to us yet). So confirmations on those haven't gone out yet; if you send your money in shortly before memorial day, that's probably why you haven't heard from us yet.

HOWEVER, some of you are not getting our mail due to spam filters. I've talked to a couple of members with this problem. Make sure that your account is not marking email from as junk or spam. If you think this is happening in your instance, you can send us an email there, and we'll send you a reply to make sure you're getting our emails.

Finally, about the space: essential, CSA membership in Brooklyn this year is way up across the board -- not just our organization, but in other places too. Based on past demand, our farmer (who serves more than one CSA) didn't predict that our needs would reach their capacity to serve us -- but that's what happened. They can only grow so much in one season.

It's hard to complain about too much of a good thing, but of course we feel for those who will not be able to participate. And we're trying to accomodate as many folks who sent in checks as possible.

If you have specific questions about whether or not you were included, email us at, and we'll let you know as soon as we can.