Friday, June 15, 2007

Event: A Great Documentary Featuring the Farmer Behind One of the Largest CSAs in the US

“My family has been plowing and planting every Spring for generations.
I inherited this history and I just about ended the whole thing . . .”
-- Farmer John

"Meet Farmer John, a man who will turn every idea you ever had about what it means to be an American farmer, or an American dreamer, on its head. Farmer John might sit on a tractor but he’s also an outrageous artist, a maverick environmentalist, a homespun rebel, a pink-boa-wearing eccentric, a playful provocateur – and the incredible human being whose inspirational story of revolutionizing his family farm and redeeming his own life has won accolades and awards at film festivals around the world in THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN."
-- From

This award winning film will be released nationwide on June 22nd at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and the Quad Cinemas.

There is an advanced screening of the film presented by The American Museum of Natural History and The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation on Monday June 18th at 7pm, followed by Q&A with Farmer John Peterson and director Taggart Siegal. The screening will be held in the Museum's Kaufmann Theatre (enter the Museum via the Carriage Drive, under the Museum's main stairway at Central Park West and 79th Street).

RSVP to: or call CAVU Pictures at 212-246-6300

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