Monday, June 11, 2007

Recipe: How to Cook Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are just what they sound like, the growing tip of the pea plant (i.e. sugar snap peas, pod peas, etc.). They are really common in Asian cuisine, and are great either cooked or raw. Yes, the flowers are totally edible - I think they are the best part!To eat the shoots raw in salad, just wash them and eat them. I usually clip off just the top 3-4 inches or so of the shoot (the most tender part) with my fingernail, and toss the tougher part of the stem. If you can't cut it with a fingernail, it will probably be a little stringy in your salad. As I said, the flowers are a pretty, and tasty, bonus and the shoot tendrils will add nice texture and appearance to your salad. To eat the shoots cooked, you can stir-fry them (like almost all of the greens you'll be getting) with a little garlic and oil. You can chop them up a bit more than for salad into bite-sized pieces, and just throw them in the pan and cook until wilted or tender. You can eat them straight, or combine with other things like your bok choi, some nice white beans, pasta... or season with typical stir-fry type seasonings like soy sauce or whatever else. It's up to you. Peas prefer cooler weather, so these were planted in the very early spring and will be finished within a few weeks. Pea shoots retail for around $15 a pound at someplace like Whole Foods - so enjoy them while you get them in the CSA share!

From: Garden of Eve

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