Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Staying in Touch

If you picked up last Saturday, we hope you are enjoying the bounty of fresh veggies, fruit, eggs and/or flowers. If you haven't yet picked up, we hope you are looking forward to your first distribution.

We want you to be aware of ways to be informed and in touch with other members and the core group (Bill, Elliot, Gina and Susan).

Core Group E-mail Address - Administrative Matters - Use this e-mail address to be in touch with the core group regarding administrative matters, e.g. correcting the info we have for you on our list, volunteering to help out, etc.

Note: For work shift questions on fulfilling your requirement to help out with distribution, e-mail directly to:

KWT CSA Blog - Events, Farm News, Policy Issues, Media Stories, Updates and Recipes - Check here for postings on CSA-related events in NYC, farm news, information about food and farm policy issues, related stories in the media, informative updates on happenings with the KWT CSA, and seasonal recipes classified by ingredient and month.

KWT CSA Listserv / Google Group - Write to Other Members! - Need to find someone to pick up your share? Need to exchange your distribution shift with someone? Want to share news, reflections or a recipe with other members? Use this e-mail address to write to other CSA members. Note: You must be a member of the KWT CSA Google Group to use this e-mail address. - Join the KWT CSA Google Group to be included on the KWT CSA Listserv! We have sent an invitation to all current members.

Garden of Eve Forum - Share Items, Farmer Updates and More Recipes - Go here to see - and learn about - what will be in the share, read our Farmer's Diary, and view or post recipes with members from other CSAs. There is also a section of the forum just for our CSA (listed as Kensington/Midwood). While you are here, browse the colorful and informative website!

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