Thursday, June 28, 2007

Veggies and Fruit for our 6/30 Distribution

Zucchini this week! And our first onions of the season too.

From the farmer's website:

This week's CSA share will likely include:

2 lb zucchini (!!) ($4)
1 bunch onions ($2)
1 kohlrabi ($1.50)
1 bunch Swiss chard ($2)
1 pint sugar snap or snow peas ($3.50)
1 head Chinese cabbage ($2)
1 bunch sweet white salad turnips OR radishes ($1.50)

Possible: 1 head Romaine lettuce ($2)

Fruit share: Two quarts strawberries. Probably the end of the strawberry season. Cherries will be coming in next week and possibly blueberries.

Flower share: sweet peas, yarrow, wheat, ryegrass, snapdragons, corn cockle, cosmos, cornflower, etc.

(Remember, not everthing on this list is sure to be there. Last minute substitutions do happen.)

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