Saturday, July 28, 2007

Farm News: Weasel Attack! and Other Farm Updates

Farmer Chris of the Garden of Eve dropped off our shares today, and gave us a few updates about life on the farm.

Their dogs had to go to the vet recently. It turns out that their dogs were instrumental in protecting the chickens - the day the dogs were at the vet, a weasel got in and killed 30 chickens. This impacted egg production significantly - those with egg shares can expect to receive a few short of a dozen. The farmers are counting up the eggs and distributing them evenly among the shares they supply. If anyone is interested in selling back their egg share to the farmer, the offer still stands.

We received 5! varieties of tomatoes today, "regular" round ones (forgot to ask the variety), baby plums, apple, sunburst and regular cherry. Peaches were part of the fruit share, and Chris says that the slightly bruised ones are the most sweet - just cut out the bruise!

Farmers Chris and Eve supply 550! CSA members with farm-fresh produce every week! The hand-picked harvest is coming in very well, but the workload is very high because they don't have as much help as they need. A dozen or so people would be needed for the thousands of pounds of vegetables that are picked (and washed, sorted and packed) each week, but there are only 6 or so right now, so the days stretch 12-13 hours or more.

Eve and Chris have a two year old son who is very active and a baby daughter (born the day before our first pick up!) who is doing well.

We will be planning a farm visit in early September (probably the 9th - those interested can spend the night and work on the 10th) and early October (probably the 14th) - stay tuned for details.

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