Monday, July 9, 2007

FYI: Zucchini

From Farmer Eve:

My motto is, "Never Enough Zucchini." I think it is one of the tastiest vegetables... and probably one where you can taste the biggest difference between store-bought, off-season zucchini and fresh farm zucchini - farm zucchini are much sweeter and more flavorful. Yes, you will get a lot of zucchini throughout the season, starting this week. Actually, our farm got its start because of zucchini. Anyone who’s ever had a garden knows that once zucchini start coming in, you soon find yourself awash in pounds and pounds of zucchini. This hapenned to us, and we took our zucchini to a farmers market and made $40 (which we spent on the way home). The rest is history.

We try to grow a lot of different types of zucchini (and summer squashes, which are essentially the same vegetable bred to look a little different). We produce a dark green-black zucchini called “Raven”, a brighter green type called “Revenue” (for obvious reasons), a striped green Italian variety called “Cocozelle” or "Costata Romanesca" (which is my personal favorite, I think it tastes the best), the bright “Yellow Zucchini”, pale yellow “Summer Squash”, and the delicious, yellow UFO-looking “Sweet Sunburst Squash (we made that name up ourselves – usually it is called “Patty Pan”, and that didn’t sound too appetizing to us).

We plant our zucchini as early as we can, so we can harvest zucchini as soon as possible, and the first zucchini are so tender and sweet, and we’re so proud to bring them in to the CSA in early July, when no one else has zucchini yet. One year at the farmers market, I sold my first zucchini for $8 a pound! Pretty soon, by late July, the CSA is getting some type of zucchini every week, and we hear cries of “Too Much Zucchini!” I take this to mean that there is confusion about what to do with zucchini, because it is so sweet and delicious that I could eat it every day (I had about 6 of them for lunch yesterday). It is one of the easiest vegetables EVER to cook, and you just can’t screw it up no matter what you do. In fact, I basically always cook it the same way, but I put in different ingredients to change the taste.

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Charlotte said...

I must admit, I have not made this recipe, but it sounds like a great way to use extra zucchini!