Monday, July 9, 2007

Recipe: CSA Sweet Corn Tips

From the farmer:

NOTE ON THE SWEET CORN: Sweet corn is very hard to grow organically because it is so delicious, all the bugs want to eat it too. Approximately 25% of corn ears will have corn earworms in them. After you shuck the corn, you will see if there is any earworm damage (usually at the tip of the ear) and you can just break this small part off and throw it out, and cook the rest. Also, you can soak the corn in salt water to get rid of the worms. If this grosses you out too much, and you don't want the corn, PLEASE TAKE YOUR PORTION AND PUT IT IN THE SWAP BOX. Some people look forward to this corn all year and we only grow enough to give it to the CSA a few times, so if you leave it in the pile no one will get it, but if you put it in the swap box it can go to another CSA member.

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