Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Visiting the Garden of Eve Farm

On Sunday, June 8, the Garden of Eve Farm hosted CSA members for strawberry picking. From Kensington/Windsor Terrace, CSA members Tracie Hunte and her friend Jenny, and Gina Duclayan (me), Daniel Radosh, and their kids Milo and Margalit visited the farm. There were also CSA members from other locations in Brooklyn as well as Long Island. We arrived at about 10:15. As you remember, it was quite warm on Sunday, but Eve reassured us it would not be "New York City hot." Chris and Eve gave us a brief introduction to the farm, while sitting under a tree in front of their farm stand. I was surprised to see that they have pigs and goats, as well as the chickens and turkeys that I knew about.

First, we got a lesson in picking strawberries (make sure they're ripe before you pick!), and then took to the fields. Searching for the ruby red berries was delightful. Each CSA member got a free pint of strawberries, but my family picked 4 pints! They were so delicious! Then Eve took us on a short tour of the farm. (Chris took those who wanted it on a long tour of the was warm enough that we were not up for that!) We got to see the pea shoots, kale, and the big dogs that protect (and apparently sometimes eat) the chickens. The dogs are learning, we were told. The chickens are kept within a very large pasture area that is surrounded by a movable electrified fence. Their hen houses also roll. The children were allowed to go into the hen houses to collect eggs. (We later bought 2 dozen and saw one family buying 10 dozen! We also bought lettuce, arugula, radishes, and mint. Yum!) We saw some bee hives that the farm is trying out. They do not yet produce enough honey for sale, but maybe someday.

After the farm tour, my son Milo and I walked the labyrinth that Chris and Eve have set up near their farm stand. Very relaxing. Then we all gathered under the shady tree for lunch. It was lovely and humbling to see the farm. The amount of work that goes into it is phenomenal. It was also great to meet and chat with other CSA members, farm apprentices, and Chris and Eve.

After lunch, it was time to cool off. Eve gave us directions to a nearby beachfront house rented for the farm apprentices. We drove there and parked. The kids changed into their bathing suits and jumped right in. Soon, dozens of other CSA members arrived and many took to the water. The water was cool and calm, the perfect antidote to the heat. We stayed at the beach for an hour or two.

Then Tracie and Jenny took off in search of fruit pies they had seen advertised at another farm stand. We stopped for a snack at a restaurant called the Lobster Roll. It was a great day! I hope many of you can head out to the farm later in the season. There are three more visits planned:

Farm trip dates are:
  • Sun., August 10, Tomatoes
  • Sat., Sept 27 and Sun., Sept 28, Long Island Garlic Festival at Garden of Eve (Volunteers wanted)
  • Sun., Oct 12, pre-Sukkot/Gleaning
Additionally, if you're in the Riverhead, Long Island, area, you can feel free to stop at the Garden of Eve Farm Stand!

Posted on behalf of Gina Duclayan, 2008 KWT CSA core member
Photographs and video courtesy of Tracie Hunte, KWT CSA member

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