Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rainbow Garden

In case you missed Gina's posting on the Google Groups, I'm copying it here word for word. Happy stories are worth repeating!

On July 15, the members of the East 4th St. Community Garden (in Windsor Terrace) received the following e-mail from one of our fellow garden members:

Dear Garden Community,

I work as a garden/chef instructor for [a local advocacy organization]. A few weeks ago we started a new gardening program at [a NYC public school] for 4th and 5th graders. Unfortunately, this past weekend someone vandalized our garden and pulled up and destroyed almost all the vegetables and herbs the kids and I planted. The kids were heart broken that all their hard work was trashed. But they are determined to start again.

I'm writing to ask if anyone has any plants (vegetables or herbs especially) that you don't want/need and feel could be transportable that you'd like to donate. We have five more weeks left in the summer program, so seeds are not likely to be the way to go. Of course we spent all our grant money on building the plot and buying the original seeds and plants. You'll get a big thanks from me and make a lot of kids happy.


I immediately e-mailed Eve to see if the farm had anything to contribute. She got back to me right away, saying that Ellen should call her immediately. The very next day, when the farm dropped off their Wednesday distribution in Manhattan, they brought a huge donation of plants for the kids. Here is what Ellen wrote to Eve that night:

Dear Eve,

Thanks so much for the plants! Some of the kids saw us bringing the plants into the school and were very excited. I can't wait to see all of them tomorrow when they walk into the room and see all the beautiful things you gave us! The school director and the director from [the local advocacy organization] were very appreciative and moved. (Frankly, my boss cried.)

All the best to you and yours this season. Thanks again — we are so grateful!!


Today, Ellen wrote to me saying that the kids had gotten all the plants in the ground and taken photos. Here is her message:

Thank you again. We had a great planting session yesterday. I'm totally wiped out! But it was really fun and the kids were really happy. They made some nice cards for the Garden of Eve which I hope to get into the mail today.

Attached are a few pictures of the kids planting yesterday and making a new garden sign—they chose "Rainbow Garden" as its name, for the variety of vegetables they now have and to represent the variety among them. This is the sweetest bunch of kids, really.

Thanks, Ellen

I am so happy that the Garden of Eve and our CSA could play a role in this great story! Bravo, Eve and Chris! The smiles on the faces of those kids says it all!

--Gina, KWT-CSA core group member volunteer

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