Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From the farmer: share items Sept. 20

The Garden of Eve sends out weekly emails predicting share items. The email this week contained a bit more...

Sorry to say that due to the recent rains and cold nighttime temperatures, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants have already begun their descent into winter. Hopefully you’ll see them again at some point, but not in great quantities.

We are beginning our typical September-early Oct dip in the share volume and diversity, since the summer crops are dying off but the fall crops (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.) haven’t yet matured. Things pick up at the end of October through November as we give out fall greens, winter squashes, beets, stored onions, sweet potatoes and potatoes which we have yet to dig, etc.

We’ve had wet ground for the last two weeks, and have been spraying copper, sulfur, and hydrogen peroxide once or twice a week but the rain and high humidity cause a lot of fungus on the leaves, killing off most of the zucchini plants, tomatoes, winter squash and pumpkin plants, etc.

The potato digger broke and Chris has been running all over town trying to find parts for this machine made in 1945, so that he can dig more potatoes. It looks like he'll have to have them custom made, fortunately there are people around here who do that so we'll be in business again hopefully by next week with potatoes. We’ll be starting to dig sweet potatoes soon (by hand) and will be giving these out beginning sometime in the next several weeks, as well as winter squash which is curing in the greenhouse. Our first carrots of the season will be ready soon (carrots are the hardest crop for us to grow, they grow so slowly and are so easily overtaken by weeds), as well as a lot of beets which are sizing up well.

1 qt green beans ($3.50)
1 bu braising greens ($2.25)
1 bulb garlic ($2)
1 bu Swiss Chard ($2.25)
1 bu med-size beets OR 1 giant beet – cook it like a normal beet (or chop it into chunks to make it cook faster) it tastes just as good, or grate it and eat it as a raw salad ($3)
.5 lb arugula ($3)
1 pint potatoes ($2.50)

TOTAL: $18.50

Fruit: 1 lb black plums ($3.50), 1 lb sekel pears ($3.50), 2 lbs peaches ($6)

Flowers: Ikarus and sunrich sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, African marigolds, others

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