Sunday, June 14, 2009

Volunteer Sign-ups

The KWT CSA depends on volunteers to smoothly run and manage distributions. Many members signed up at the first distribution this past Saturday; there will be opportunity to sign up for shifts next week as well. Open shifts can be found on the calendar to the right of the blog. In case you missed it, Gina's message from last week to the Google Group is copied below.
My name is Gina Duclayan and I'm the volunteer coordinator for the CSA volunteer core group. This means it's my duty to sign people up for their CSA volunteer shifts. Each member of the CSA must sign up to work one shift. This work includes tasks such as setting up tables and tent, unloading the farmer's truck, labeling vegetables and fruits, checking in CSA members, and other duties. It's makes for a fun morning, and you get to meet a lot of neighbors and fellow CSA members.

This Saturday, June 13, will be the first CSA distribution (an "A" week for those of you with 1/2 shares)! I will be present at the first two distributions to sign people up for their shifts, as well as to accept your $10 administrative fee. This money does not go to the farmer, but goes directly towards our administrative costs of running the CSA, such as compensating the Community Garden, buying new equipment and supplies, paying for special demonstrations, etc...

I wanted to alert you to some upcoming distributions for which I think there will be challenges getting volunteers. If you're able to work one of these dates, I beseech you to step up. It will really help all of us out.

There is a distribution in July 4th ("B" week) this year. If you know you will be in town that weekend, I would be enormously grateful if you could volunteer to work a shift that day.

On Labor Day weekend, there is a distribution on September 5 ("A" week). If you know you will be in town that weekend, your help would be welcomed.

There is also a distribution on September 19th ("A" week), which is Rosh Hashana. If you are able to work that distribution, I'd appreciate it.

Distributions in August in general can be hard to staff with volunteers. So, if you are aware of your August schedule, I'd love it if you could sign up for a shift on a weekend you'll be in town.

Please let me know if you have any questions about volunteer shifts.

I look forward to seeing all of you in the coming weeks!

--Gina, volunteer CSA core group member

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