Monday, August 16, 2010

News from the farm:

We are taking a couple of days off at the end of this week and the Saturday distribution will be in the very capable hands of our apprentices and farm crew. That is why we are sending this share list out early, without quantities. If you have last minute questions call the farmstand for share clarification at 631-722-8777 between 10am and 6 pm any day. We also won’t be on email. After the share list (below) there is a treatise from Chris on irrigation, his (not) favorite subject.

Share items for August 18, 21:


red tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes


purple, white, or green peppers

zucchini OR cucumbers (not sure which yet)

bunch/plant basil



Fruit share: one large Garden of Eve-grown organic melon, and 2 lb white peaches and 2 lb nectarines

Flower share: zinnias, larkspur, sunflowers, celosia, dill, etc.

New this week: note our biodegradable plastic flower sleeves, with handles for ease of carrying! And they are colorfully colored! We hope you like them and that they extend the life of your flowers, and make your life easier.

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