Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Share Items for October 30

Farm news: wow, what amazingly warm fall weather. We’re still picking tomatoes! We have a feeling this will be remembered one of the best ever for tomatoes… just like last year was one of the worst…. It just shows, in farming, you never know what to expect. The weather is truly random, and over which we have NO control! We’re cleaning out more and more of the fields and turning them over, to plant the cover crops that keep our soil in place during the windy winters, and add nitrogen and organic matter. We’ve got two greenhouses already planted with lettuce and spinach for the winter share (signups should be open by next Monday!).

Share items for Oct 27, 30:
2 lb Sweet potatoes
2 lb potatoes
.5 pint grape tomatoes
2 dwarf bok choi (this was the rest of what was left in the field and we are cleaning out the bed to plant cover crop, so we are including it as an extra in the share. We are aware it is a very small amount, it’s just extra in addition to everything else we had planned to give this week)
1 bu Swiss Chard
1 bu cilantro OR dill
1 head Broccoli
1 bu radishes

Fruit share: approximately 10 apples (5 lbs).

Flower share: last week was the last week of the flower share. See you with flowers in the spring!

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