Thursday, June 16, 2011

Core Group Member Spotlight

Deb Wythe -- Membership

I'm one of a few Core Group members who do most of their work before the season and then get to sit back and just enjoy the bounty. I've spent the last month or so downloading members' signup data from the Farmigo site and pushing it around in a spreadsheet. I'm also the designated contact with Eve, our farmer. We've had a regular back and forth whenever people needed to make changes and about the admin side of getting this year's season up and running.

The challenging part of the job is balancing out the A and B week shares so that the Garden of Eve staff isn't faced with wildly different numbers of shares each week. With the many combinations of vegs, fruit, eggs, and flowers, it can get a bit wacky. I set up a running total for each week and each part of the share and moved people into and out of A or B week until the numbers (more or less) balanced out. Not everybody got the week they wanted -- we had many more A-week requests than B week -- but we came close. (Apologies again to the people who wanted A and got B.)

Stacy handled this job last year, without the benefit online signup. My hat's off to her, and to Colleen, who took over the membership spreadsheets for final troubleshooting and setting up the sign in sheets. And many thanks to the members who responded speedily to my questions about your subscriptions.

See you all at the Garden!

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