Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Share items for 6/29 & 7/2

Farm news: Looking back at last year’s share list for this week, I wrote, “It has been extremely hot and dry”. Wow – what a difference. Just goes to show you how flexible farmers have to be, to produce the same crops in years with totally different conditions. This year has been mainly wet and on the cool side. With the weather out of our control, we just try to make the best of what we’re dealt. That’s another reason we appreciate you, our CSA members, who are willing to eat what we’re harvesting and what’s grown well this season – which changes every season! Thanks!

Vegetable Share:

1 head lettuce

1 bu Toscano/Tuscan kale

1 bu scallions

.5 lb spinach

2 pieces Loose dill

1.5 lb zucchini

2 pieces loose basil sprigs

EXTRA ITEM: 1 head broccoli – note that due to the heavy rain during the past month, some of the heads do exhibit brown spots or some discoloration in the center of the head. This is due to having standing water on the head, but it is not a disease and does not affect it’s edibility or flavor, so please enjoy.

Fruit share: 3 pints organic New Jersey blueberries, and 1 pint organic NJ raspberries

Flower share: cut flowers: Teddy Bear sunflowers, corn cockle, snapdragons, cosmos, and more!

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