Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Purslane tips

Thanks Deb!

Purslane is best raw. Snip into bite sized pieces and toss it with vinaigrette and let it marinate up to a half hour. Nice with garlic or thinly sliced onion added. Also, add to tossed salads. You could do same thing you would do with sliced cukes, too - a sour cream cold salad, or quick pickles. It's a rare plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids - great for heart and circulatory system. I just eat it raw in the garden - have thought about trying to pickle it with a bread & butter pickle brine to preserve it, but haven't gotten that ambitious. It's ubiquitous!

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leahmed said...

I tried purslane leaves in a salad but wasn't impressed - also it took a long time to get the leaves off the stems. I found this Mexican recipe which uses the stems and didn't take too long to cook either: