Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Share items for Oct 26, 29:

Farm news: this past week was a nice dry week, and we were able to harvest 10,000 lbs of sweet potatoes. They have to be dug up, and fishing around in the mud, Chris found one that was about 6 lbs – really huge! This is really exciting for Chris because he is always happy when he can provide the CSA with bounty. You’ll be receiving lots of sweet potatoes for the rest of the season, which everyone enjoys. We built our own “curing room”, and keep them with a heater at 85 degrees so that they develop a slightly thicker skin that will keep them from rotting quickly, so they can be stored through the winter.

See attached photo.

Veggie Share

3 lb Sweet potatoes

1 bu kale

1 bulb Fennel

1 lb beets

Bok choi – green or purple

1 head endive (looks like frizzy lettuce, can be eaten raw or cooked)

1 daikon radish

1 head or 1 lb broccoli

1 bu cilantro

.5 braising greens (i.e. greens for sautéing, baby kales, mustards, mizuna, etc.)

1 bu salad turnips

Fruit share: 4 lbs apples. Sorry, it’s just going to be apples from here on out till the end of the season – but there are so many delicious ways you can use apples! Roasted apples, applesauce, apple fritters, and more.

Flower share: last week was the last week of the flower share. See you with flowers in the spring!

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