Friday, January 28, 2011

KWTCSA Survey Results

Dear CSA members,

Thanks to all of those who filled out our recent survey! We are pleased to share the results with you and tell you about our next steps.

· We had 73 responses to the survey, 67 of whom were 2010 KWTCSA members

· 63 of the respondents are planning on participating this year, and 10 not sure

· 49% of respondents prefer a weekday evening pickup

· 59% prefer an earlier Saturday pickup

With 36 people preferring a weekday pickup, we have enough interest to continue to pursue this option. None of the current core members are able to manage distribution during the week. We will need 4 CSA members to agree to oversee distributions; they will work distribution once a month throughout the season. If you are interested in joining the core group in this role, please respond to this email. We won’t be able to offer a weekday pick-up without these critical additional core members. In the meantime, we will both work with the farmer on this possibility and on securing a weekday distribution space.

We will also move ahead on the prospect of an earlier pick-up, working with our farm and the garden to see what is possible.

In addition to more details about pick-up preferences, there were many great ideas and suggestions for the 2011 season, including:

· There were several requests to stop wrapping the flowers in plastic sleeves. We had already asked the farm to discontinue this practice, and it looks like it they won’t be wrapped in plastic this year.

· More events like the canning workshop

· Requests about receiving more or less of particular items and more accurate and timely info about what will be in the week’s share, and feedback on quality, all of which will be passed on to the farmers.

· Requests to buy bread, dairy or meat through the CSA. Last year we surveyed members about offering Hot Bread Kitchen items through the CSA. We didn’t have enough interest, but we can revisit it and interest in dairy for this year. We don’t offer meat as Lewis Waite farm already has a pick-up in KWT (information about it can be found here:

· Suggestions for pick-ups like a swap box, managing the lines, ensuring that we don’t run out of items or have excess of other items.

Thanks again for your input! Sign-up information for the 2011 season coming soon!


The KWTCSA Core Group

Saturday, January 8, 2011

KWTCSA 2011 season

Happy New Year, KWTCSA!

The volunteers on the KWTCSA core group are getting going with plans for the 2011 season already. We're going to have online signup and payment this year and plan to offer some orientation meetings for new members--that will all get that rolling very soon!

We have some new possibilities in mind and are looking for your input as we work with Garden of Eve on next summer's CSA --

There's a very brief survey HERE so you can weigh in on a couple of issues:

- It may be possible to add a distribution on Wednesday evening for people who find Saturday less than ideal.
- We may be able to get an earlier delivery on Saturday, so people can pick up and get on with their weekend plans.

Like the ideas? Hate them? Fill out the survey and let us know so that we can see what we can work out with Eve.
There's also a space on the survey for comments and suggestions: your input will help make the KWTCSA even better.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,
and to another delicious season of veggies, fruit, eggs and those beautiful flowers!

For the core group --

Zoya Baker, Stacy Boyd, Colleen Devery, Gina Duclayan, Eliot Kipnis, Erin Loughran,
Meagan Manas, Vanessa Reynolds, Beth Segal, Deb Wythe