Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Share Items for June 20 & 23

Hi everyone, Here is news from the Farm and this week's expected share list:

Farm news: The weather report is telling us that this beautiful,
warm-but-not-too-hot, sunny weather (great for growing everything) will end
this week, with a heat wave. We know that the heat will tell many of our
spring greens “you are about to die”, and in response they will start to
flower/set seed, known as “bolting, ” their way of saying “I will at least
make babies (seeds) before I die.” Unfortunately, once greens start to bolt,
they’re usually not really edible because the taste changes and they get
more woody and bitter.

In order to try to give you maximum value in your share, we’ll be harvesting
many of these heat-intolerant greens, and giving them to you this week. We
hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the food, but rather pleased by the
quantity. Even the farmers have bunches of wilted kale in our fridge
sometimes – you can still cook it like that – or cook them right after you
receive them, and then freeze them for later. We made a nice “spanikopita”
this weekend with grilled zucchini slices, sautéed kale, and cottage cheese.
Or give some away to turn your neighbor into a kale convert. Thanks for
supporting our farm!

Share items for June 20, 23, 2012:
1 bu Swiss Chard
1 head lettuce
1 head bok choi
1 head escarole
Peas (some locations) OR  beets (some locations)
1 bu cilantro
Possibly: kale

Fruit share: 1 pints organic blueberries, and one quart strawberries

Flower share: cut flowers: Teddy Bear sunflowers, cosmos, and more!

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