Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Share Items: Today July 3rd (Tuesday)

NOTE: IMPORTANT! WEDNESDAY pickups are MOVED TO TUESDAY JULY 3, so as not to conflict with July 4 holiday. Same times as usual. Remind all your friends and family!

Share items for July 3 (TUESDAY), July 7:
2 pieces zucchini (green, yellow)
2 heads Broccoli
1 head lettuce
1 kohlrabi (making its first appearance this year!)
.5 lb fava beans (peel and sautee with butter or oil, great on pasta. Not to be eaten raw) (Sat ONLY)
2 lbs Cucumbers
1 onion
.25 lb mesclun lettuce

Fruit share: 3 pints organic blueberries

Flower share: sunflowers, lavender, cosmos, ryegrass, and more!

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Farm News: Happy 4th of July! Cornell Cooperative Extension vegetable specialists came to our farm this week, to check for the presence of worrisome diseases and/or bugs. The good news is they said things looked generally good, and they were pleasantly surprised to see the diversity of life in our fields! Butterflies, honeybees, green lacewings (predators of the bad bugs), ladybugs, and more are common in our chemical-free fields. We even watched a nest of Killdeer eggs hatch right in the sweet potato patch! Now there are 6 little Killdeer chicks (a bird like a Plover) running around…   also saw a healthy looking red fox slinking through the tomatoes yesterday. Our Livestock Guard Dogs Casper and Milano do a good job keeping them away from the chickens – watch out Reynard!

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