Monday, August 20, 2012

Share Items: August 22 & 25

Veggie Share: (may not include all of the following items):
sweet corn
purple, white, or green peppers
sweet corn
mixed green or yellow zucchini
salad turnips
Edamame (soybeans)
½ pt cherry tomatoes
Happy rich (summer spinach)

Fruit share: one large Garden of Eve-grown organic watermelon, 2.5 lbs peaches

Flower share: hydrangeas, sunflowers, amaranth, zinnias, celosia, etc.

Egg share: ½ dozen

Farm News: Tomatoes are in the peak of their season now, but unfortunately probably not for much longer, since the recent few rains will encourage the various fungal diseases that kill tomato plants so quickly. We are harvesting from our last sweet corn plantings and already eyeing the ripening winter squashes in the field! We are remembering that it was this week last year that we were dealing with Hurricane Irene, and glad that she’s not on the horizon this year… for this week at least. We are giving you Edamame (soybeans), for those who have not gotten these before, just pick the bean pods off the plant, and steam them in a pot with a little water and salt. Pop the beans out of the pods one by one and eat them. yum!

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