Monday, August 6, 2012

Share Items: August 8 & 11

Veggie Share:
Sungold OR cherry tomatoes
Purple, white, or green peppers
Hot peppers
Sweet corn

Fruit share:  Garden of Eve-grown organic watermelons, or cantaloupe, or sunjewel melons, and peaches

Flower share: sunflowers, celosia, cleome, etc.
Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

 Reminder – our summer CSA Farm Tour is this coming Sunday, August 12, 11am-1 pm. The tour is free, and you are welcome to bring a brown-bag lunch or enjoy our on-farm lunch buffet for $12 per person. Hope to see some of you then! It’s not necessary for people to pre-register, however if your site is bringing a group, we need to know how many you estimate will want lunch.

Tomatoes are here! Also wanted to share some information about organic sweet corn. Organic sweet corn is hard to grow, and as we get later and later into the summer the corn earworms pick up steam and get into a larger percentage of the ears. That is just a fact of life of organic production, as contrasted with conventional farmers who are spraying highly toxic chemicals on their corn every three days or so. We have heard stories of members not taking our organic corn at the CSA distributions because they are afraid of a few small worms – this makes us sad. We work very hard to bring you super sweet corn for you to enjoy, it is a highlight of our season and we hope it is a highlight of yours. We wish we could cull through every ear at the farm, but this would mean that we wouldn’t have time to harvest all the crops that we want to send you in your share! If you get corn with a worm or other imperfection, just snap off any affected tips, the rest of the ear is not affected.

Please know we don’t ever intend for you to receive anything damaged obviously, we spend hundreds of man-hours each week going through the produce, culling, and packaging it so it arrives at your CSA in good shape. However, sometimes our best efforts are thwarted. If you get a container of cherry tomatoes with one smushy one in it, same with fruit etc, just wash it out at home and discard anything broken, the good ones will still be fine.

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm

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