Friday, October 19, 2012

Share items: Oct 17 & 20

Veggie Share
Broccoli 1 head
Carrots rainbow color 1 bunch
Potatoes 2.5 lbs
½ lb arugula
1 bunch collards
1 or 2 bok choi
½ lb choice of either eggplant or pepper
1 bunch swiss chard

Fruit share:  apples  5 lbs

Flower share: 1 bouquet flowers (GP, BH -due to space restrictions in the truck) OR (other sites) 1 pot organically grown hardy fall chrysanthemum! It will keep blooming hopefully almost till Thanksgiving, if you keep it well watered (probably needs to be watered almost every day). This is the last week of the flower share!

Farm News: No frost yet, although much of the NE did already get one. You’ll be getting some of the last of the eggplants and peppers this week, and greens should be sweetening as night temps drop, turning their starches into sugars.

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