Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy Wednesday Distribution!

CSA trick or treaters
This Wednesday’s distribution was action packed. First, we were extremely grateful that the farm was able to deliver this week’s share, especially knowing how much damage Long Island has sustained and the traffic conditions throughout the metropolitan area. Second, it was Halloween and we had many costumed kiddies stop by for a treat (thanks, Robbyn!).  It was so fun to see such smiling faces.

Boxes filling up for the Red Hook Initiative
Lastly, we collected six big boxes of dry goods for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, and along with those goods, the CSA donated five crates of our leftover produce and fruit to the Red Hook Initiative on Wednesday evening. Thanks to all who helped out by bringing canned and dry goods, diapers, candles, and other items, and providing information regarding the donation locations. I spent some time at the Initiative when I dropped off the donations, and I can tell you that they were very appreciated (the apples were distributed within minutes of their arrival!), and that those of us who didn’t lose power or experience flooding are very, very fortunate.

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