Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Share items for Nov 7 &10

Veggie Share:
1 Butternut Squash
1 lg bunch collards
.10 lb cilantro
4 pounds mixed potatoes (2 quarts w/o scale)
4 pounds sweet potatoes (2 qts w/o scale)
1 head savoy cabbage OR cauliflower
1 head escarole
3 lb carrots OR 1 bunch carrots

Fruit share: 5 lbs  apples 

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Farm News: Our thoughts are with those on Long Island and NYC neighborhoods that were hard hit by the storm… Ironically in a reversal of events, due to the effects on electric infrastructure, this one seems to have hit urbanites worse than farmers. We already went out to vote today and were heartened to see long lines at the polls, it seems people have finally woken up, no matter whom they were voting for.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the harvest this weekend the WB CSA harvest potluck celebrations from 7-9pm, held at the Wed Greenpoint CSA location (Church of the Messiah, on McGolrick Park, 129 Russell St; southside of McGolrick Park. RSVP towilliamsburgcsa@gmail.com).

At the farm, we are taking reservations for turkeys. Email us atfarmer@gardenofevefarm.com for a reservation form. They are $5 per lb and will be picked up (fresh not frozen) Tues and Wed Nov 20 and 21. We are looking into possibly bringing turkeys into the city for sale on Wed Nov 21 – if you are interested in making a trip out to the farm to help with this (for a turkey and/or other compensation) let us know…

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