Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Milk Not Jails Dairy Share Sign Up

Dear KWTCSA Members,
We are excited to bring a new dairy share for the 2013 season!  Milk Not Jails will be delivering milk, half & half, yogurt, and butter to the KWTCSA each week.

Milk Not Jails products are only available to current 2013 CSA members.  If you already signed up for a 2013 vegetable share, you can purchase a weekly or bi-weekly share of any of these dairy products here!

Milk is available in whole, low-fat, and non-fat varieties.  Your milk share will be deliciously fresh -- bottled the day before it’s delivered to you.  Your dairy shares will be provided by Tonjes Dairy, Cowbella Creamery, Hawthorne Valley Farm and Ronnybrook Farm. These farms provide single-source, fresh dairy from pasture-fed herds, where the farmers know each cow by name.  Save yourself a weekly trip to the grocery store or farmers market and order your dairy share today! Purchase your weekly dairy needs through Milk Not Jails to support local farms and criminal justice reform! 

Any questions or technical difficulties? Contact Milk Not Jails directly at or (917) 719-MILK.
Milk Not Jails is a not-for-profit organization working to help New York dairy farmers survive.  We are an alliance of urban and rural people, who believe that the state should be investing in farm sustainability, not prisons, as the future of New York's rural economy.  Our alliance works to increase consumption of New York made dairy products and to pass reforms that create healthier economic development and criminal justice policies. Everytime you buy Milk Not Jails you put money in the hands of New York farmers and power in the hands of the prison justice movement.  Find out more about the connection between milk and jails and

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