Monday, August 26, 2013

Share items for August 28 & 31

Veggie Share:
Edamame (soybeans), 1 plant (pick the pods off yourself)
Tomatoes, 5 lb
cherry tomatoes, pt or half pt
Broccoli, 2 head
String beans, mixed colors green, yellow, purple, 1 Qt
Sweet corn, 6 ears
Arugula. .25 lb
Beet root, 2 lb
Sweet salad turnips
Peppers, mixed colors, 2
Baby bok choi, 1 or 2 (stir fry it with your broccoli!)

Fruit share: peaches AND plums

Flower share: zinnias, sunflowers, celosia, gomphrena, amaranth, etc.

Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Co.: 
1 package of Goat Feta
1 lb Mild Raw Milk Cheddar.

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