Monday, October 7, 2013

Share Items for Oct 9 & 12

Veggie Share
Cherry tomatoes
Potatoes 2 lb
Sweet potatoes 2 lb or 1 large sweet potato
1 bu Broccoli Raab (mostly leaves, some small florets)
1 bu Kale
.5 lb Pole beans (a climbing variety of green beans – very long beans. supposed to have even better flavor)
1 piece Zucchini
.25 lb Mesclun lettuce
.25 braising greens
.1-.2 lb cilantro
.1 lb dill or 1 bu dill
broccoli, 1 head
fennel, 1 head

Fruit share
1 lb Italian Autumn sweet plums
2 lb apples 
2 lb bosc pears. 
1 lb niagara grapes 
2 lb sekel pears (mini pears – excellent for kids! And adults too)  
2 lb apples

Flower share: Gomphrena – great for drying! Keep it in a vase with no water until it dries, or hang it upside down from a doorknob to dry. Will last all winter. REMINDER: Flower shares end on Oct 16 – this is the next-to-last week for flowers!

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese share
1 lb Goodale Farms Riverhead Mozzarella
1 additional item 
Water Buffalo Cheese  
Lively Run Farm Goat Chevre

Meat share
1 whole Garden of Eve raised chicken 
most likely chicken, possibly some beef or pork

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