Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Farm News and Share List Week 7

This is an A-week with cheese share. See below for farm news and the share list (best guess in advance). 

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-KWT CSA Core Group

Farm News:

Sweet Corn is here! We hope you enjoy it because it is very difficult to grow organically, we are one of the only organic CSAs to give their members sweet corn, as far as we know. We want to help you understand about the worms that you will find in some of the corn.

Organic sweet corn is hard to grow because of heavy pest pressure from corn earworms in New York State. That is just a fact of life of organic production, as contrasted with conventional farmers who are spraying highly toxic chemicals on their corn every three days or so. We have heard stories of members not taking our organic corn at the CSA distributions because they are afraid of a few small worms – this makes us sad. We work very hard to bring you super sweet corn for you to enjoy, it is a highlight of our season and we hope it is a highlight of yours.

We wish we could cull through every ear at the farm, but this would mean that we wouldn’t have time to harvest all the crops that we want to send you in your share! If you get corn with a worm or other imperfection, just snap off any affected tips, the rest of the ear is not affected. If the tip of the corn or a strip along the side doesn’t have kernels and instead is just white, that just means that it was not pollinated, not that it was bad. At times, some very small ones get harvested and distributed – we try to take these home and eat them ourselves… but even if it’s just a few mouthfuls, it’s pretty good.

Please know we don’t ever intend for you to receive anything damaged obviously, we spend hundreds of man-hours each week going through the produce, culling, and packaging it so it arrives at your CSA in good shape. However, sometimes our best efforts are thwarted. For example if you get a container of cherry tomatoes with one smushy one in it, same with fruit etc, just wash it out at home and discard anything broken, the good ones will still be fine.

Lastly, we know Fennel is a sort of love-it-or-hate-it vegetable. Please make sure (coordinators) that you set up a swap box at every location so those who like fennel can get extra and it doesn’t get wasted, and I don’t get fennel hate-emails. I used to be a hater, but learned to quarter it and roast it in a covered cast-iron dish in the oven for about 45 minutes with some onions and a little olive oil, it will caramelize and get so sweet! Thanks!

Share items for July 23, 26 (best guess):
Sweet Corn!
Mixed zucchini and summer squashes
String Beans (green, yellow or purple)

Fruit share: Peaches and Cherries (Wed), Sugar Plums and Cherries (Sat)

Flower share: Sunflowers

Egg share: ½ Dozen Pastured Eggs

Cheese share: 1 wheel R&G Cheesemakers “Pollenbert”, one of our favorite cheeses. It is a Camembert-style goat's milk cheese at 12 oz., infused with a layer of fennel pollen. How does someone get fennel pollen to use in cheese? We have no idea. AND you get 1 log R&G Cheesemakers Garlic Herb goat cheese, a deliciously fresh, creamy goat cheese great on crackers or anything else. www.rgcheese.com, The Creamery is located in Cohoes NY.

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