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CSA Share List, Farm News, and Recipe for Week 20, 10/22 and 10/25

Farm news and winter squash recipe for week 20, 10/22 and 10/25 B-weeks (no meat, no cheese):

Garden of Eve CSA 2014 News: Week 20
Come join us at the farm this weekend for our Oktoberfest!
REMINDER: Flower shares end this week.

We welcome any recipes, comments or suggestions.  Newsletter items, events and recipes can be sent to Denise Hall (denisehallrd at  If you have a picture of the recipe or any fun pictures from the farm send those along too!  

Farmer's Update
Sunday night we came close to a frost and just to be safe we spent Saturday scouring the fields for what will be the last of the tomatoes for the season.  We were pleasantly surprised in the quantity and quality of the tomatoes and will be able to give them out in this week's share.  Many are blight resistant varieties and they did perform well under optimal blight conditions and still have green leaves while others planted at the same time don't.  Also the cooler weather means sugars will not be as high as during the hot days of summer, but we are still happy to be eating fresh organic local tomatoes in late October! 

I think this is a good time to reflect on the value of a CSA share.  Our goal is to supply 7-10 different vegetable items per week. This week I took a minute to look back over the previous share lists from this summer. I see that we met that goal every week and gave as many 13 items during the peak of summer.  Overall we averaged over 10 items per week.   Our barn and coolers are really becoming full with beets, squash, cabbage, potatoes, onions and garlic! So we should have no problem finishing strong and continuing to supply good value.  This is certainly not the case with every CSA farm, even in this hurricane-free season.

The reality is that we farm in one of the most expensive places in the country.  Last week talking to my sister and brother in-law, who own Mint Creek Farm in upstate New York and provide the beef and pork for the meat share, about land prices and taxes.  They were blown away that we pay 10 times the taxes for our house alone that they pay for a 55 acre farm.

Last week I received a call from a daughter of a neighboring farmer who is starting her own farm delivery service in which she is looking to buy produce from farmers in our town, mark it up and bring it to NYC.  This is a growing trend. So far she has 15 people buying from her.  While she has been supplying conventional local produce she is getting requests for local organic goods.  She called us to ask about availability and prices.  I got to ask her some questions and began to think of the value of the share we are offering, compared to what she is charging for something that is almost exactly the same, but NOT organic. Her share also contains 7-10 items, and costs $40 per week. Ours is $24 and 100% organic vegetables. So we are happy to see that our members are getting good value in the marketplace.

Thank you again, for supporting our farm!
Chris, Eve and the Farm Crew

This Week's Share


Sweet potatoes 2 lbs or 1 quart 

these are fingerling type that are best baked on a cooking sheet with oil just as sweet as large ones easier to cook and you don't take the skin off

Tomatoes 2-3 pieces
Collard greens
Purple Bok choi, 1 head
Parsley .10 lb
Head lettuce, 1 head
Winter squash, 1 lg or 2 small, assorted varieties
Fennel, 1 head
Garlic, 1 bulb, some of these varieties are meant to be small and spicy

FRUIT SHARE:  one quart of yali pears, one bag of margil apples

one of the oldest known heirloom breeds, similar to a Russet which has a rough, potato-like skin and citrusy, sweet inside, not usually as crispy as apples today we are used to but very fruity and complex in flavor. AND possibly additional apples.

Here is a cool video about Margil apples:

EGG SHARE: ½ dozen pastured eggs


This Week's Recipe:

Sweet Dumpling Pie

Eve shares this recipe from Grassroots, the NY Farm Bureau Newsletter by Jennifer Jennings, District 8 Promotion and Education Representative.

This is happy with pie on the side.

Check out the... tiny speckled gourds that look like pumpkins. These tiny little bundles are most often used for decoration but they hide a sweet surprise. Often called sweet dumpling squash, they make the most unbelievable pies.

To cook the squash, take of the stem and split in two. Scoop out the seeds and set on a baking sheet. Bake at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes or until the squash is soft then scoop out the meat. You can freeze the meat in 1½ cup servings for later or you can move right along and bake a pie.

Sweet Dumpling Pie

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1½ cup cooked squash
2 eggs
1¼ t. cinnamon
½ t. ginger
1/8 t. nutmeg
1 t. vanilla
1 9-inch pie crust

1.    Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees F
2.    In a large bowl, beat eggs slightly.
3.    Add remaining wet ingredients and mix until fully combined.
4.    Stir in spices.
5.    Pour filling into pie crust.
6.    Bake for 10 minutes at 425 degrees. Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 35 to 45 minutes or until a knife comes out clean when poked into the center of the pie.
Pumpkins & witch

Events at the Farm and 
In Our Community

Upcoming Events at the Farm

Fall Pumpkin Festival: Weekends in October at the Garden of Eve Farm, 10am-6pm. 

Enjoy roasted sweet corn and squash, fresh-squeezed lemonade, organic hot dogs and more.  Pick out a pumpkin and some beautiful fall mums, and enjoy our live music every weekend as you try out homegrown Farm Cafe fare.  Time will fly as the kids disappear into the many attractions including our pedal kart track, maze, and lavender labyrinth, and friendly farm animals.

2nd Annual East End Oktoberfest, Sat & Sun Okt 25 & 26, 10am-5pm, at the Garden of Eve Farm; purchase tickets online or in person at the Farmstand.  The East End's ONLY OKTOBERFEST featuring Long Island Craft Beer, pumpkin picking, farm tours, vendors, and more.

Reminder: Everyone gets 10% off anything you purchase at the farm stand (tell the cashier you are with the CSA), FREE admission to adult cooking classes, kids cooking classes, and more.  

To sign up for a workshop, visit our Calendar of Events.

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