Thursday, October 2, 2014

CSA Share List for Week 17, 10/1 and 10/4

See below for share list for this A-week, a cheese and meat week. 

Farm News from Garden of Eve: Shanah Tovah to all those who celebrated (and continue celebrating) the Jewish holidays.We are hosting a Gleaning of the field on on Sunday October 19 from 10am-12pm. This is a free event (does not require RSVP) we host several synagogue groups who come out and harvest crops that are not saleable or have been left behind in the fields. Usually several hundred people come out, and about a thousand pounds of produce are donated to Island Cares Food Bank.

We are feeling relieve to make it to October and still have tomatoes! We have had late blight on the farm since July but by using our 13 years of crop management experience and organic disease control methods, we managed to have a full harvest despite this challenge. We know our CSA members like their tomatoes!

Share items for Oct 1, 4 (best guess):
bok choi, 1 head
Collard greens
Acorn or sweet dumpling winter squash, 1
Broccoli, 2 heads
Lettuce, 1 head

Fruit share: 1 Quart Autumn sweet plums AND 2 lbs mixed apples.
Flower share: zinnias, sunflowers, celosia, cosmos, etc.
Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese share: Ithaca milk goat feta, and Muranda farms Gouda. “Muranda Cheese Company features the finest in Colby, British Raw Milk Cheddar, Blue, and Red Buddy, as well as 10 other varieties not commonly found in the Finger Lakes but whose bold, full flavors you’d expect to come from this region. We are a cheese company owned and operated by the Murray family— experienced dairy farmers— because only milk that has been deemed among the highest quality in the nation can make such exceptional cheeses.”

Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Co.: 1 package of Goat Feta and 1 lb Mild Raw Milk Cheddar. From their website: “A few things make us different: We are owner managed, we source all of our Jersey milk from the farmers directly, and we do not rely on the electrical power grid but produce all of our electricity on site. All of our Grade A Cow Milk products are produced using non-homogenized vat-pasteurized Jersey Milk. Jersey Milk has a distinctly sweeter flavor and is creamier than that of Holstein milk.”

Meat share: beef, assorted cuts.

Also, October 1st is National Kale Day!

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