Monday, October 13, 2014

CSA Share List for Week 19, 10/15 and 10/18

Farm News: We are starting to pull the first harvest of our first-ever crop of Hawaiian (via Long Island) Ginger. We received tubers in the spring, sprouted them in the greenhouse and then planted them in the warmest area we could think of, between our two hoop-houses in the ground. It looks like they grew OK, although a hotter summer would have led to more growth, these are tropical plants that love the heat. We will likely keep a portion of the crop for seed stock for next year, and will let the rest grow for awhile longer, so it can have as long a season as possible. Yes it is exciting but don’t be mad if you don’t see ginger in your share till the winter share! Eventually, it would certainly be great if we had enough to give out all season… this is our first baby step in that direction.

Our second annual Oktoberfest, and last on-farm event for the season, is October 25-26. The original idea came from our longtime collaboration and friendship with the founders of Rocky Point Artisan Brewers (RPAB for short,, who are longtime CSA members picking up at the Riverhead farm. Donovan Hall (with partners Mike and Yuri) brews the beer, and Denise Hall edits our e-news (that some of you are reading this moment!). This year the event is a fundraiser for the largest non-profit Long Island radio station, WUSB from Stony Brook. We hope you’ll join us! for info at

Share items for Oct 15, 18 (best guess):
Broccoli 1 head or .5 lb broccoli shoots
Onions 2 pieces
½ lb arugula wild
Kale 1 bu
Cilantro, .10 lb
mesclun, .5 lb
fennel, 1 bulb
carrots one bunch
head lettuce (Romaine)
potatoes, 1 lb

Fruit share:  
WED: sekel pears 1 clamshell, mixed varieties apples 3 lbs
SAT: 1 clamshell seedless grapes, 3 lb apples

Flower share
REMINDER: Flower shares end on Oct 25 – this is the next-to-last week for flowers! (and it is your last week if you are biweekly A week flower share)

Cheese share
WED: 1 lb Goodale Farms cheese AND 1 quart Seven Stars Biodynamic Yogurt 
SAT: R&G Farms cheese  AND 1 quart Seven Stars Biodynamic Yogurt

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