Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1 Share List and Farm News

This is the first pickup for weekly and A-week members! Please see below for the share list and farm news.

From Garden of Eve Farm:

Welcome to a new CSA season!
We all survived a long, cold, snowy winter and are growing again! We are busy in the fields planting, weeding, and harvesting right now, with not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

For The next few weeks the share will include lots of different greens. This is a great time to turn to our CSA cookbook for ideas – if you are a returning member you got one last year, if you are new you will get it at your Second or Third distribution.

Although enthusiasm for your new CSA share is probably at its height right now, remember the veggies have just started growing, and actually these are some of the smallest shares you will get all season. Quantity definitely increases during July, August, and as returning members will tell you, fall months bring some of the largest bounty. So please do not judge the whole season on this week’s share alone! All we can do, is give you what is growing, seasonally, and that is cold-hardy greens that were planted before the last killing frosts, which were barely 4 weeks ago.

Remember that we’re writing these share lists days before the share is even finished being harvested, so they are tentative and nearly always change somewhat. Just because you saw something on a list in your email, does not mean you got SHORTED when you don’t see it in your box or at your pickup location. More likely, there was not enough to go around so we didn’t include it, or perhaps gave some to one site but substituted something equally appealing at other sites.

If something is genuinely forgotten from your share location, we always make it up to members, by bringing extra on their next pickup week. Mistakes do happen, because not only do we have to grow the vegetables, we also have to pick them, wash them, count them, pack them, and even drive the truck all over LI and into NYC. In a world of increasing specialization, doing all this ourselves is a great challenge and occasionally things fall through the cracks. However we hope this won’t happen often and each year we work to improve our systems!

We have a lot of great events planned for the summer season, including farm tours, strawberry picking for the next few weeks, farm yoga, Cooking classes at the farm that are free for CSA members at any location, and more. You can check it all out and register at http://www.gardenofevefarm.com/UpcomingEvents.htm

Thanks for supporting our farm!
Chris, Eve, and the Farm Crew

Wed June 10, 2015

Kale, 1 bu
Lettuce, 1 head
Pea shoots, 1 bag
TBD Mesclun Greens OR Arugula OR Spinach
Radishes, 1 bu
Sweet Salad Turnips, 1 bu

Fruit: 2 pints Strawberries AND 2 stalks rhubarb

Eggs: ½ dozen pastured eggs from our flock

Flowers: 1 bouquet sage flowers and cosmos

Cheese: This weeks’ cheese is high on quality, if not quantity. These are both goat cheeses, raised right here on the North Fork of Long Island near our farm. 1 package Catapano Chevre AND 1 wedge Catapano Farm Summer Cloud, an aged goat cheese. http://www.catapanodairyfarm.com/

Meat: one Garden of Eve-raised organic chicken, AND several mixed cuts of 100% grassfed Kobe Beef from our reltatives at Mint Creek Farm in upstate NY

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market

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