Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2 Farm News and Share List

News and Share List for Week 2 (first pickup for biweekly B-week)

Farm news: We finally got some rain on Monday – you may or may not know that this April and May were among the driest, ever, on record on Long Island. We definitely feel that climate change has come, whether it’s extra-cold winters, dry springs, fall storms, etc., farmers are definitely noticing (and struggling through) more and more “extreme weather”.  That is just another one of the reasons why we so much appreciate your CSA support!

This week will see the first of our “summer crops” coming in – zucchini! Most likely it will be only one piece this week – not enough for most recipes, we know – but as returning members know, this will not be the case for long. Future weeks will bring pounds of zucchini, until you are likely to have more than enough. We love it though – saute’ed with herbs and butter, in soups, even baked whole or in a zucchini bread.
This weekend is likely to be the last weekend for our own on-farm U-pick strawberries, if you’d like to partake come on down! We include one free pint of U-pick for any CSA member. Also we hope you enjoy the herbs in this week’s share. Generally when we include herbs, it will be a small bunch. If you don’t have a recipe that calls for herbs this week that you are making, we recommend putting it in a small plastic bag in your freezer for later use. All herbs freeze very well – to use, just chop them up while still frozen (while crispy with ice!) and use same as fresh.

June 17 (Wed), 20 (Sat)
Kale, 1 bu
Lettuce, 1 head
Snap peas OR Snow Peas! A treat. These are the ones you can eat whole, raw or cooked!
Mint, 2 pieces
Cilantro, .10 lb or 3 pieces
Mesclun, 1 bag or .3 lb
Radishes, 1 bu
Sweet Salad Turnips, 1 bu
Large Leeks, 2 – please note that these started to flower before we were able to get them out of the field (we overwintered them from last fall so we’d have them to give you in this share! They will have a hard core inside, just cut lengthwise and remove this, use the outer thin layers as you would normally use leeks)

Fruit: 2 pints Strawberries AND 2 stalks rhubarb

Eggs: ½ dozen pastured eggs from our flock

Flowers: 1 bouquet flowers (mixed cosmos OR lavender)

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