Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7 (A-Week) Share List and Farm News

This is an A-week with cheese (no meat) shares

FARM NEWS: These weeks are busy ones, with lots of visitors to the farm, including our “Kids Cook” program underway on Thursdays, friends & supporters enjoying the Yoga Dinner this past Saturday, a large group of Girl Scouts from Suffolk County’s camp on Wed. We are moving irrigation pipe 7 days a week, to get water on growing crops and baby ones, just planted for fall harvests! Broccoli, new corn, lettuce, fennel, and more. We appreciate your support and hope you are enjoying the veggies – sending potatoes out this week, those are usually a favorite. Tomatoes are starting to ripen, in a trickle, our Tomatofest is scheduled for Aug 22-23 this year, and of course the CSA will be getting them before then!

Share items for July 23, 26:

New Potatoes, Red Norland variety, 2 lb
Lettuce, 1 large head
Sweet young onions, 1 bu
Mixed zucchini and summer squash
Fennel, 1 bulb
String Beans (green, yellow, or purple ) 
Swiss Chard, 1 bu

Fruit share: Plums and cherries most likely

Flower share: mixed farm flowers

Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese share:  Ithaca Milk Scallion Cheddar, AND Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Co.: 1 lb Raw Milk Cheddar. From their website: “A few things make us different: We are owner managed, we source all of our Jersey milk from the farmers directly, and we do not rely on the electrical power grid but produce all of our electricity on site. All of our Grade A Cow Milk products are produced using non-homogenized vat-pasteurized Jersey Milk. Jersey Milk has a distinctly sweeter flavor and is creamier than that of Holstein milk.” 

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market

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