Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 14 (B-Week) Share List and Farm News

FARM NEWS: Welcome this week to all our new Fall Share members! We created the new “Fall Share” this year (it consists of the second half of the CSA season, Sept-Nov) to allow those who may have summer vacation schedules that conflict with CSA or other issues, to still participate in the fall. Overall, our CSA membership was down somewhat this year, despite a really strong vegetable growing season last year. Especially at our NYC locations, we feel we are now competing with so many “CSA-style” delivery services that offer door-to-door service, but lack a connection with any specific farm, and are usually NOT organic (even though they gloss over that fact by using the “local” and “sustainable” terms. “sustainable” is a completely unregulated term, and unfortunately is mostly used by “conventional” farms to gloss over the fact that they use the entire arsenal of toxic sprays). These services are still basically just middlemen, as is a supermarket, which pay the farmer very little for their goods, and make it difficult for farms to thrive in expensive, semi-suburban areas like ours on Long Island.

So we are happy to welcome our 60 new Fall Share members! Please feel free to greet them at pick up, and if you notice new people, feel free to explain how the CSA works, as they’ll be picking up for the first time this week! 

Coming in to the home stretch of the farm season, we harvested tons and tons of winter squash last week, which is appearing in shares this week – spaghetti squash! A favorite of children and adults alike, you can roast it whole or even microwave it (stab a few times with a knife to let steam through the shell), then just scrape out the inside, add a little butter and salt and voila! The original veggie spaghetti.

Soon it will be time to plant garlic again soon for next year – don’t forget our upcoming LI Garlic Fest September 19 & 20! Lots of fun at the Garlic Eating Contest, and $100 cash prize!

YOM KIPPUR NOTE: If there are Jewish members who cannot pick up on the usual dates for religious observance, contact the farm directly and we’ll work out a make-up on a case-by case basis.

Share items for Sept 9, 12 (best guess in advance):
Cherry tomatoes, 1 box
String beans green or yellow
sweet peppers
spaghetti squash
salad turnips OR radishes, 1 bu

Possibly: (sending this list out earlier than usual)
Sweet corn
Hot peppers
Broccoli rabe
Fruit share: Plums AND peaches
Flower share: zinnias, goldenrod, sunflowers, celosia, etc.
Egg share: ½ dozen pastured eggs

Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market

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