Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 21 (A-Week) Farm News and Share List

Farm News: One of the most unique aspects of CSA and market farms that makes us different from a wholesale organic conventional farms that sell to supermarkets is the diversity of the crops we grow and the diversity of our staff.  One thing that really struck me this week while teaching a female staff member how to drive one of our tractors is how many women we have working on our farm.  After thinking about it more I realized women represent about 2/3 of our workforce here on the farm.   

Most supermarket-supplying farms are geared towards large acreage and few crops. For example a farm may grow potatoes, cabbage and broccoli on thousands of acres.  Some may grow one crop one year and then another crop the next. This system is favored by wholesalers and supermarkets or anyone who wants to buy cheap and profit from a flooded market. Some people get excited by machinery, computers and robotics in agriculture and think technology will solve all our problems and keep food as cheap as possible.  One recent cold morning I started dreaming about how nice it would to be to have a carrot harvester that I saw online that cuts, washes, bunches and boxes carrots with very little human touch.  That company supplies 95% of the organic carrots sold in the USA and is nowhere near being local.

Farmers like us get caught between trying to defend our prices while upholding diversity and depending on mostly man power or woman power to harvest, clean and pack the vegetables you receive.  For us there is pride in providing a fair wage, housing and food for as much of our staff as we can while teaching a farming philosophy that we hope will someday become the norm.

On a different note, Thanks to those of you we met who came all the way out from NYC and our other CSA sites for our Oktoberfest. As always, great to meet you and thanks for supporting our farm! After Nov1, our Farm Market will be open wed-Sunday 9am – 5:30 pm till the Tues Nov 24. Winter Share signups are open for monthly pick ups Dec-May!

We’d like to extend an invitation to CSA members to join Farmers Eve and Chris, and the Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA group, at the annual Harvest Dinner to be held Saturday Nov 7, from 6-8pm, at Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell St, near the corner with Nassau and McGolrick Park. Please bring a dish to share and a beverage. We hope to meet some of you from nearby sites, such as Bushwick and Glendale especially, and others, in addition to the folks at Greenpoint-Williamsburg who plan and run this lovely event!

Share items for Oct 28 and Oct 31 (best guess):

Sweet potatoes 2 lbs
Arugula 1 bunch
Potatoes Yukon gold 2 lbs
3-5 sweet bell or Italian frying peppers
bok choi, 1-2 heads
Parsley, .10 lb
Onion, 1
Winter squash, 2 mixed, mostly butternut  and spaghetti
Greens, spinach OR kale OR swiss chard 1 bag  ¾ lb or 1 large bunch

Fruit share:   
2 large honey crisp and 2 golden delicious apples AND 2 lb mixed variety yali, bosc and bartlet pears

Flower share: 
last week was the last week of the flower share. See you with flowers in the spring!

½ dozen pastured eggs

Cheese Share: 
This week cheese comes from one of our favorite Hudson Valley Creameries, Chaseholm Farm (formerly called “The Amazing Real Live Food Co.). They sell at some NYC Farmers markets so you may see them someday on a sidewalk near you. They also sponsor periodic “burger nights” at their farm, which we’ve never been to, but sound so fun!

This week you will receive 3 of their offerings:

·         Moonlight Chaorce log: A slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese whose white rind just conceals the ash exterior beneath; ripened gently with a firm chevre style center when the cheese is young. Moonlight is just shy of double ‘créme’ and so is quite rich and savory with a slightly tart center. As it ripens from the outside in the pate sweetens and taking on an evermore delicate body. An ash layer beneath the bloom has characteristics of a goat’s milk St. Maure. Pair with salted almonds and honey.

·         Probiotic Queso Blanco: This is a traditional Latin style cheese also made with unhomogenized whole cow’s milk. We prepare our Queso Blanco in three distinct ways. Often used in cooking, our Queso Blanco is heat friendly and won’t melt as other cheeses do…try sautéing in oil or on the grill.

·         Herbed Farmers Cheese: Basil Garlic Flavor: A fresh, spreadable, ‘boursin’ style cow’s milk cheese made using unhomogenized milk. We offer it in four fabulous garden fresh flavors, each of which is fortified with the powerful probiotic organisms; lactis acidophilus, bifidus longum, lactis rhamnosus and lactococcus lactis — four of the most well researched probiotic strains available.

Meat Share: 
The meat share was originally scheduled for this week, however the Nov share will be postponed to Nov 1, the next A week.


Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht
Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market

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