Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Farm Bounty Update

Farm news: The first week of CSA seems to have gone smoothly at most locations last week, a relief! Soon we will all be in the swing of things. 
New (and unusual) this week is, the extra eggs! We have a lot of chickens and they have been laying like crazy (happy hens) so we are giving ALL the VEGETABLE shares AND the EGG shares a full dozen this week. If you are an egg share member, you will take a full dozen instead of your half dozen (if you have 2 shares, take 2 dozens). If you have a vegetable share and are vegan, just give away the eggs to a friend, it’s an extra, free, item.
On the farm we have been busy with U-pick strawberries, if you’d like to partake come on down! We include one free half pint of U-pick for any CSA member. Also we hope you enjoy the herbs in this week’s share. Generally when we include herbs, it will be a small bunch. If you don’t have a recipe that calls for herbs this week that you are making, we recommend putting it in a small plastic bag in your freezer for later use. All herbs freeze very well – to use, just chop them up while still frozen (while crispy with ice!) and use same as fresh. 
June 15 (Wed), 18 (Sat)
1 dozen eggs!
Sugar snap or snow peas! The first of the farm! 1 pint
Zucchini or yellow summer squash or yellow zucchini, 1 lb 
Kale, 1 bu
Swiss Chard, 1 bu
Lettuce, 2 heads
Mesclun Greens, 1 bag
Bunching onions (another name for scallions), 1 bu
Bok choi, 1 head
FRUIT: 2 QUARTS Strawberries AND 2 stalks rhubarb

EGGS: ONE dozen pastured eggs from our flock

FLOWERS: 1 bouquet sage and other flowers

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